I am just a southern baptist pastor’s wife who homeschools my children and who happens to hope Mike Huckabee is our Next President!  He is Honest, a true conservative, has great values, he’s pro-life, Pro-family, Pro-homeschooling, and to top it all off, he is a very funny guy!


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  1. I am returning to Kansas soon. Do you know of any Huckabee volunteer offices in the state?

  2. I am interested in Mike and am actively trying to support him and make his name known in the Lawrence area. If you are in NE Kansas, please let me know. There are already of a couple of us who meet regularly, hoping to get more support for Mike in our area.

  3. No, i don’t live in NE Kansas, I live in SE Kansas right on the border of Oklahoma. I was dissappointed the other day to learn that Kansas does not hold a presidential primary. so I am working on my family in Oklahoma to Gain support for him. I have seen your name in the comments section on Mike Huckabee’s blog.

  4. Hi Sherri,
    I wanted to let you know that your link on the huckabee forums is not correct…
    But also, I live in Oklahoma, just north of Stillwater, so it sounds like I’m not too far from you! We also homeschool and are southern baptists, and are rooting for Mike Huckabee! Good to find you!

  5. my link works when I click on it, so I don’t know why it wouldnt work when you did. It is good to find you too.

  6. Wayland, I, too, live in Lawrence, and would be interested in visiting with you about what we can do for Mike here in Lawerence. Sherri, thanks for setting up this blog. I’d been poking around all evening to find a Kansas-related site for Mike.

  7. Hey Heather, thanks, I am so excited about this campaign. Mike Huckabee is going to be a wonderful president!! If there is anyway I can help you all connect or anything like that let me know. also if you have any suggestions or ideas for my blog, let me know. thanks it is great to know there are other Kansans supporting Mike Huckabee.

  8. Heather from Lawrence,
    Thank you for your comment. Although I won’t post a phone number on the web, I am in the phone book.

    Last week I mailed postcards to 46 county precinct chairpersons and have had a couple of replies of interest. There is also a KU campus minister who is active.

    Let’s talk.

  9. Wayland, I’m planning on calling you tomorrow evening or Saturday. Just a little busy between a full-time job and grad school. Thanks, Sherri, for having this blog for Kansans to connect on! 🙂

  10. Two items: The Tuesday morning edition of the Lawrence Journal-World has a column by Carl Leubsdorf, Washington bureau chief of the Dallas morning news. Check it out at http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2007/oct/30/lowkey_huckabee_rise/?opinion.

    Secondly, there will be a few people meeting at JB Stouts in Lawrence at noon on Friday, Nov. 2nd, to organize a grass-roots effort in the Lawrence area. Anyone in the area who would like to join us is welcome.

  11. We had a good meeting in Lawrence on Friday, 11/2. Since Kansas does not hold a primary, we decided the best things we can do for Mike Huckabee are to contribute to his campaign, make contacts with friends and relatives in states that do have primaries to help inform them about Mike, and finally, we must support candidates in Kansas who will help bring change to Washington. We should also ask our friends and relatives to help spread the word. The ripple effect is tremendous.

    One member of our group has put together a very good compilation of info at the following website: http://del.icio.us/ksforhuckabee

  12. I too was disappointed about the primaries, but then I found out that we are going to still have a caucus (http://ksgopcaucus.org/) so we still have some say. The main problem is that Kansas is a late voting state so most of the country would have already made up their minds, but it may be close and Kansas may matter. Furthermore, by putting bumper stickers on your cars and waving signs you might influence a Kansan who can then go on to influence friends and families in more important states (like Iowa, NH, or even Missouri).

    Are there any supporters from the Olathe area?

  13. I believe you will find Russ Lane at Compass Financial Resources in Olathe to be a supporter, and I think he has at least one other employee who is now on board.

  14. We now have a Meet Up group started in Lawrence. If you are in our area, please go to http://www.meetup.com to sign up. Type in “Mike Huckabee’ for the type of group, and enter your zip code. This should take you to the registration page to become a member of our group. Please join us.

  15. Great news. We have started a Meet Up group in Lawrence. For anyone in this area who is interested in joining us, please go to the following to register: http://mikehuckabee.meetup.com/131/?gj=sj2. We’d love our base to grow.

  16. FYI – For anyone in the Olathe area who is interested in joining a Meet Up Group, please go to the following link. Hope to see you at our next meeting Dec. 13th. Please join us!!

  17. Great news!! For anyone in the Olathe area who is interested in joining us, please go the the following link, http://mikehuckabee.meetup.com/92/.

  18. Can you add my blogs to the blogs for Huckabee blog roll?

    I published my endorsement this past week for the governor.

    political/opinion – http://www.kevinsview.com

    personal finance – http://www.debtfree4ever.net

  19. 🙂

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