Huckabee Ends Campaign : (

Today I am saddened to write that Mike Huckabee has ended his campaign.  He has worked tirelessly to fight for the issues that we care about so dearly, like Life and freedom and faith and the fair tax.  I have never been so involved in a campaign and never been so inspired by a candidate and it was a pleasure to Blog for huckabee these past months!   I will be praying for Mike Huckabee and his family as they determine what to do next!  I pray he will run again in 2012 as I think he is the greatest candidate we have seen in a very long time!   I will continue this blog so you may have updates every now and then on what Huckabee is up to until 2012 and will be ready for the next go round!  This has been an amazing last 8 months since I started supporting Huckabee for President.  Thank you Gov Huckabee for all you have done for the cause of Life and I pray you continue to fight for the issues that define us as a nation!