Mike Huckabee to Visit Kansas on Friday

Mike Huckabee is coming to Kansas on Friday!

Friday, February 8, 2008

8:00 AM Rally
Olathe, Kansas
Mid-America Nazarene University, Bell Cultural Events Center
2030 E. College Way
Olathe, KS 66062-1899

11:00 AM Rally
Wichita, Kansas
Colonel James Jabara Airport
3512 N. Webb Road
Wichita, KS 67226

ATTENTION LOCATION CHANGE IN TOPEKA: 3:30 p.m. CT – Topeka, KS – Attends “Huckabee for President” Rally at Ramada Downtown Topeka Grand Ballroom, located at 420 Southeast 6th Street.

6:00 PM Rally
Garden City, Kansas
Clarion Inn Hotel
1911 E Kansas Ave
Garden City, KS 67846

For complete caucus information visit


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  1. Subject — “just wanted to share”
    Just wanted somebody from Ks to know – My husband works for a huge corporation and has been working for several yrs and months – 7 days a week and 12 hr days as a Supervisor – (i.e. – not pd for OT) under Kansas Laws – has to work or can be fired – I was hurt in an auto accident last April & still recovering from my injuries – hit by a Semi Cattle truck on US56. Other drivers fault not mine – he tried to pass me on a 2 lane hwy. on the shoulder of road – was never ticketed because he lied to dispatch and said I hit a deer so the deputy never gave him a ticket – I was being taken by ambulance to the hospital so I was asked what happened. I got a copy of the 911 tape to prove it. And even though I have wonderful medical insurance coverage with BCBS of KS and had full coverage on my car with State Farm Ins. – my med bills don’t get paid after $25,000 because of the Ks laws. (something most people don’t know till it happens to them). Something the Dems want to fix. I’m a born-again Christian who came from a Mennonite background and married a Baptist – ex-Marine from the Vietnam era. We raised 4 children who are now grown and are now raising 2 grandchildren. I’m 10 yrs away from retirement age. I am STILL saying VOTE for HUCK! — it’s about the principles. I love the Lord & my husband and I both feel God is telling us to Support Huckabee! (by the way, my husband’s family is primarily Democrat voters – and were originally from Arkansas (Red Star area) and my husbands uncle served many many yrs in politics in the Ks State Legislature – as a Dem – Rep. John Casebeer and my husband’s family is in the OIL Business and making money like they never had before. — (i.e. – the Bush years have been some of the best yrs for them) — BUT – my husband and I still know the Lord says – VOTE FOR HUCK! – it’s about being obedient. We have donated a good deal of money to Huck’s cause and today I wrote the following email to my husband at work – (that’s about the only time I have to talk to him – is by email because of all the hours the company is allowed to make him work….
    Dear – I donated another $25.00 and gave this guys donor code to help him out too – that way he, “Joel 4 Huck”, will make 5 phone calls to 5 registered KS Republicans that might go and vote for Huckabee at the caucus on Saturday. (kill 2 birds with 1 stone) – since we were going to give more anyway. Kind of crazy, isn’t it – Voting for Huckabee – for us has it’s good points and its bad.
    Good: 1) Secure the borders. 2) Believes in Godly principles – He is a Christian 3) Pro-Life 4) Man & Woman Marriages – Too Bad for Gays 5) Energy Independent (but rely on our own resources with oil & gas fields in USA too) 6) War on Terror – not to just pull our troops out of Iraq 7) Pro Israel 8) Pro 2nd Amendment Rights – We Keep our Guns! 9) Conservative Judges 10) He will reach across the isle to get along with Dems. We just might get something done in Congress with him in the White Hs.
    Bad for us: 1) Flat Tax – it will personally cost us more each yr in “Spendable Income” by at least $1,500.00 (i.e. — we will roughly spend more that much more in “sales tax” each yr versus paying it to the IRS.) 2) If he does away with the IRS – I won’t have a part-time job anymore – Loss of Income – $3000.00 / year or thereabouts. 3) no more “kiddie tax” (i.e. — child tax creits) for anybody not just us. 4) If a Dem is President – no more long hrs for Supervisors with less pay – they will fix that. Of course – Labor Unions will be getting by with murder too, though.
    I figured the good things outweighed the bad.

    > Joel 4 Huck
    > 02/07/2008 05:03 PM
    > I truly believe that Mike is the man for the job. This is the most exited that I have been over a presidential candidate in my life. I am so impressed that Mike has pulled this campaign together on a shoe-string budget; however, I also know that if Mike is going to win he needs every dollar we can spare. I have already given every dollar that I can spare because I am currently unemployed for the first time in my life also. The only thing that I can give is my time. Therefore I am making a challenge to you. Help me raise $100 for Huck. For every $5 that you donate I will make a telephone call to Kansas. I may not have money but I have a ton of cell phone minutes.
    > Please help me help Huck!!!!!!
    > My donor code is R17256

    I do plan to go to the Caucus in McPherson, Ks on Saturday – however, I am now handicapped – must find a ride there and don’t know if I can stand in line for an hr. or so then wait another hr or so till I get to cast a vote for Huckabee. Too bad we aren’t having a Super Tues “Primary” like other states get to. I could deal with that. But I’m willing to go and try. For a long time I kept thinking Fred Thompson was the right candidate – but my husband has always said – Huckabee was the right choice – from the very beginning. Bottom Line – I know it’s still in God’s hands whoever we get. Just like my accident and my husband’s horrible work hours – “everything happens for a reason”.

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