Huckabee Wins West Virginia!!!!!!18 Delegates

Huckabee scores first Super Tuesday win

 Republican Mike Huckabee scored the first Super Tuesday victory, winning all 18 delegates at stake in West Virginia.

The former Arkansas governor won with the support of 52 percent of the state’s GOP convention delegates on the second round of balloting. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney came in second with 47 percent of the vote, and Sen. John McCain was backed by 1 percent of the delegates.

Romney was ahead in the first round of voting in Charleston but failed to get the majority needed to win.

It appeared as though supporters of Arizona Sen. John McCain, who placed a distant third on the first ballot, moved over to Huckabee, helping him to carry the day.

With 24 states and American Samoa holding primaries or caucuses, Super Tuesday is virtually a national primary day and a pivotal day in the Democratic and Republican races for the White House. View what is at stake »

Some of the biggest prizes of the primary season — California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Missouri and Georgia — are up for grabs.

There will be complete results coverage all day and through the night on CNN TV and

With no sitting president or vice president running for the first time in decades and wide-open races in both parties, a record number of voters has headed to the polls this primary season.

On Tuesday, I-Reporter Christopher Penn, 32, told CNN he voted right after the polls opened in Framingham, Massachusetts. Penn said it was the first time he had ever voted in a primary.

“It looks like it’s going to be a good primary day. The only thing that’s going to be tricky is the weather, which is not great, to be charitable. I would expect that would diminish turnout,” Penn, an independent, said. “But there was quite a good line to get in there, so it looks like another good day for our republic.”

I-Reporter Dian Campbell, 55, told CNN she was determined to caucus for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, but first she has to find a way out of her snowed-in home outside Antonito, Colorado. Video Watch how CNN analysts view the GOP race »

“We’ve been on the phone to see if we can put together a snowmobile patrol to pick people up because the roads in most of the county are impassable,” she said.

“We thought we might have to ride horses to get places, because right now, we can’t get anywhere.”

More than four-fifths of the 2,025 delegates needed to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination and more than 1,000 of the 1,191 necessary delegates on the Republican side are at stake.

Tuesday’s results are more likely to decide the presumptive presidential nominee in the Republican contest than in the Democratic contest because of the way the GOP allocates delegates.

Victors in the Republican primaries and caucuses usually enjoy a winner-take-all delegate system, while Democrats parcel out delegates on a proportional basis.


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  1. I’m voting for Huck because of his ideas on the fair tax. The Fair Tax is such a great system. It makes so much sense for America at this point in our history; increasing productivity, encouraging moving up in the income brackets, and making taxes simpler for all. I found a great petition telling Congress to look into the fair tax, and, as we gain more signatures, money is donated to the fair tax cause.
    We need to tell America to make this important change. We need to speak out!

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