Thousands sign online pledge to vote for “Huckabee only”

BOISE — Grassroots Mike Huckabee supporters from across the country are coming online to send Mitt Romney a message: We will not support you for the GOP presidential nomination. The strong response from conservative voters comes after Romney suggested Huckabee should drop out of the race to unite conservative voters — presumedly behind Romney.

Over 1,000 people have signed pledges to vote for only Huckabee — even if that means writing him in. The pledges can be found online at Vote For Huckabee and

“Governor Romney has proven that for Champions of Life and the Second Amendment, he is a fair weather friend,” said Huckabee supporter Susan Brooks. “What I am hearing from my fellow conservatives is they cannot trust someone who will reverse their position on such important issues on a political whim.”

In the comments posted on Vote For Huckabee, Huckabee supporters have expressed their frustration that the mainstream media and talk radio have attempted to anoint Romney.

“My vote lies with the only true conservative in this race, MIKE HUCKABEE. I am not splitting a vote. I am voting my conscience. If the establishment has a problem with that then they are behaving in an un-American fashion. I could never vote for Romney. NOT NOW. NOT EVEN AGAINST HILLARY,” writes Jessica from New York.

“Mike will be written in if necessary in November as opposed to voting for the lesser of several evils,” writes John from North Carolina.
“It would be a cold day in Hell before I’d vote for Mitt, even if Huckabee weren’t running. You can’t even compare these two men. You CAN compare Mitt to Kerry, though, and it would have been a cold day in Hell before I would have voted for him, either,” writes Lisa.
The latest Fox News poll showed Romney and Huckabee in a statistical tie in a national survey of GOP voters.

“What Huckabee voters are doing is reminding talk radio and the establishment that in America, voters make the choice about who is president, not some oligarchy of talking heads,” said Lucas Roebuck, a Huckabee supporter and former Arkansas newspaper editor.

If you would like to sign the pledge, go here: 

or Here:


One Response

  1. I represent a family of four (plus extended family members) who also won’t vote for Romney.

    Better to have a known liberal like Hillary, than a closet liberal like Mitt, who will get the support of Democrats because he’s liberal, and the support of Republicans because that’s what he *calls* himself.

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