Huckabee Vs. Hillary and Obama: Rasmussen Reports

Monday, December 03, 2007Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has pulled to within a single percentage point of the Democratic frontrunner in a general election match-up. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows Senator Hillary Clinton earning 46% of the vote while Huckabee attracts 45%. Clinton leads by seven among women while Huckabee has a five-point advantage among men.

A month ago, Clinton enjoyed a three-point lead over the long-shot candidate who has shaken up the race for the Republican nomination. The former First Lady held an eight point lead over Huckabee in both August and September.

Huckabee has also gained ground on Senator Barack Obama over the past month. The Rasmussen Reports election poll shows Obama attracting 45% of the vote while Huckabee earns 41%. Last month, Obama enjoyed a nine-point advantage in that match-up. Obama had a twenty point advantage over Huckabee in March. That slipped to a nine point lead in both August and September.

Rasmussen Reports maintains a data base of key stats and general election match-ups for all leading Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates.

Huckabee was considered a very long shot candidate throughout most of 2007 and some pundits still place him in that category. However, he is currently a frontrunner in Iowa, essentially tied for second in New Hampshire, and has pulled to within a few points of Rudy Giuliani in national polling.

Among Democrats in Iowa, Obama and Clinton are locked in a tight race with John Edwards. Obama has pulled to within single digits of Clinton in New Hampshire while Clinton’s support has dipped below the 40% level in national polling.

Huckabee is viewed favorably by 40% of Likely Voters nationwide and unfavorably by 36%. His name recognition and favorable ratings have grown significantly since summer.

Clinton is currently viewed favorably by 47% and unfavorably by 53%.

Obama’s numbers are 48% favorable, 47% unfavorable.

New polling data released Sunday shows Obama tied with John McCain, in a toss-up with Rudy Giuliani, and holding modest leads over Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney.


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