Faith & Family Values Coalition

Former Southern Baptist Convention President James Draper Joins Christian Activist-Syndicated Radio Host to Lead 30-Member Coalition for Huckabee
Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee announced that Dr. James Draper, former pastor, past president of Southern Baptist Convention, and recently retired president of Lifeway Christian Resources, will join Christian activist and syndicated radio host, Janet Folger, as a co-chair in the formation of the Faith and Values Coalition for Mike Huckabee.
“I’m proud to have this impressive group of faith leaders join me in my efforts to reach out to Christian and social conservatives across the country,” Huckabee said.  “I don’t come to these people for their support, I come from them.  Together, we will continue to spread my message of hope and optimism.”

Thirty outstanding leaders from across the country, who personally support Mike Huckabee’s candidacy for President, will also assist and advise him on policy issues that affect families and the faith community.
This growing coalition currently includes a diverse group of leaders throughout the country, including several former Southern Baptist Convention presidents, leaders of Christian universities and seminaries, as well as world-renowned authors, influential pastors, social activists, and regional pro-family leaders.  
Members of the new Faith and Family Values Coalition will include:
(*Title and affiliation for identification purposes only and do not imply an endorsement by any ministry, group or organization)
Dr. Jerry Jenkins, best-selling author,  including the Left Behind  series;   Colorado
Zig Ziglar, Author and motivational  speaker; Texas
Star Parker, Founder and president of  CURE;* Washington D.C.
Karen Testerman,  Founder and Executive Director of the  Cornerstone Policy Research;* New Hampshire
Michael Farris, Chair of Home School Legal  Defense Association* and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College;* Virginia
Rev. Keith Butler, Founding Pastor of Word  of Faith International Christian Center Church;* Michigan 
Thomas Glessner, attorney, author, and  Founder/President of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates;*  Virginia
William J. Murray, Chair of Religious  Freedom Coalition,* Chair of Government is Not God PAC,* and author;  Washington D.C.
Randy Alcorn, Founder and Director of  Eternal Perspective Ministries,* best-selling author of 28 books, fiction and  nonfiction; Oregon
Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Senior Pastor of First  Baptist Church of Springdale* and The Church at Pinnacle Hills */ Former  President of the Pastor’s Conference/ Former Chairman of the Executive  Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention;  Arkansas
Michael Heath, Executive Director of  Christian Civic League of Maine;* Maine
Don Wildmon, Founder and Chairman of  American Family Association;* Mississippi
Bishop John Gimenez, International  Overseer of Rock Ministerial Family,* in conjunction with Rock Church  International and co-founder of Rock Church in Virginia Beach;*  Virginia
Pastor Anne Gimenez, Co-founder and pastor of Rock Church  in Virginia Beach;* Virginia
Dr. Mark Bailey, President of Dallas  Theological Seminary;*   Texas
Stephen Strang, Founder and President of  Strang Communications and Founder of Charisma Magazine;  Florida
Rick Scarborough, Founder and President of  Vision America;* Texas
Dr. Joe Fuiten, Founder of Positive  Christian Agenda* and Pastor of Cedar Park Church;*  Washington
Jerry Cox, President of Arkansas Family  Council;* Arkansas

Janet Folger, President of Faith2Action;*  Florida
Jim Pfaff, President and CEO of the  Colorado Family Action;* Colorado
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of  Liberty Counsel*/ Dean of Liberty University Law School;*  Virginia
Kelly Shackelford, Chief Counsel, Liberty  Legal Institute and President of Free Market Foundation;*  Texas
Phil Burress, President of Citizens for  Community Values;* Ohio
Dr. Jack Graham, Pastor of Prestonwood  Baptist Church,* Former President of Southern Baptist Convention;*  Texas
Dr. James T. Draper Jr., Former President  of Southern Baptist Convention/ Former President of Lifeway Christian  Resources; Texas
Dr. Jerry Vines, Former President of  Southern Baptist Convention/ Former Pastor of First Baptist Church of  Jacksonville, FL / Founder of Jerry Vines Ministries;* Georgia 
Dr. Daniel L. Akin, President of  Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary;* North  Carolina
Dr. Jay Strack, President/ Founder of  Student Leadership University,* World- renowned Southern Baptist communicator  and minister; Florida
Dr. Billy McCormack, Pastor of University  Baptist Church*/ Founding National Board Member of Christian Coalition;*  Louisiana
 “As I interviewed each of the candidates and investigated their leadership skills, and observed their behavior, Mike Huckabee clearly rises above the others,” said Karen Testerman, Director of Cornerstone Policy Research, a Family Policy Council organization. “I believe he not only clearly communicates the founding principles and values of faith, family and freedom, he demonstrates these values in his behavior towards others.”
“As governor, Mike Huckabee was the first to appoint a homeschooler to the Arkansas State Board of Education, and to our knowledge, he’s the first to do so in any state,” said Michael Farris, Chairman and General Counsel of the Home School Legal Defense Association and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College.  “He believes that America must be strong, but should never be perceived as a bully.”
“Mike Huckabee is a proven leader who has embraced and supported the values throughout his career of which all Republicans can be proud,” said Rev. Keith Butler, who is the founding pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center Church.  “I stand with Governor Huckabee for President, because I believe he is the best choice for the future of America.”

“We need a president who has the moral convictions and commitment to work to end the cultural nightmare of abortion,” said Thomas A. Glessner, founder and President of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates. “I am convinced that Governor Huckabee is that person.”
“Mike Huckabee is delivering a clear consistent message that is shaking up the Washington, DC establishment,” said William J. Murray, chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition.  “My office is just a few blocks from the Capitol and virtually everyday, I meet with congressmen, Senators and other ‘insiders’ who see Mike Huckabee as a breath of fresh air and they don’t particularly like that.”
 “Mike Huckabee’s relational ability with people, whether it be one- on-one or through mass media appeal, coupled with his influential proven leadership at the executive level in a largely democratic state, will win the hearts of millions as he articulates with mastery the conservative values of evangelicals,” said Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Springdale and The Church at Pinnacle Hills.  “I am personally endorsing him because I have found these things to be true in my 21 years of knowing him.”

 “I have been waiting for God’s man to emerge.  I believe that Mike Huckabee is our man and I support him totally,” said Bishop John Gimenez , International Overseer of the Rock Ministerial Fellowship.

If anyone would like to see Mike Huckabee get elected as President of the United States please consider contributing to his campaign.


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  3. Wow! I did not know Zig Ziglar was invovled!

  4. I am concerned with the amount of politicking going on in churches today. While I register as Republican & firmly stand by the need for churches and Christians to be a voice in the political arena, I am concerned that the Church in general is being taken advantage of by the Republican Party.

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