Great New Blog Post By Randy Alcorn

You can read the entire article (its long but worth the read) Here. Here is a snippet:

Sacrificing Children on a Republican Altar?
“In answer to the question of what I think about Robertson’s endorsement of Giuliani, I think Robertson is absolutely wrong. That’s what this blog is about. (I remind you again I speak here not as the head of Eternal Perspective Ministries, but as an individual citizen.)  Over the years, I have sometimes appreciated Pat Robertson, and often disagreed with him. Now I am truly saddened for him. I shake my head in wonder at what has happened to him and other Christians who once stood up for innocent lives and moral concerns, but whose devotion has now shrunk to social conservativism and Republicanism. That an evangelical spokesperson—though I’m not sure who Robertson really represents anymore—would turn his back on unborn children to endorse Giuliani, who favors legalized abortion, is tragic.”
The New York Daily News reports that Giuliani is still alienated from his young adult children, daughter 18 and son 21, and rarely spends time with them. It has been difficult for them to accept their father’s adulterous relationship that led to a divorce from their mother. Many of us remember when Giuliani, still married, appeared publicly at galas with his girlfriend, when his children were aged 13 and 16. His children say that in the last number of years their father hasn’t been part of their lives. Understandably, they do not intend to support him in his campaign. This is Giuliani’s third marriage. Now, I know dear people who are divorced and alienated from grown children, and I do not judge them, and would never single them out. But they are not running for public office and asking for my vote. Rudy Giuliani is. Even the secular world sees the hypocrisy of Christians getting behind Giuliani. CBS correspondent Bob Scheiffer claims he has a helpful anonymous source he goes to in the evangelical community. Here’s what Scheffier said in his Face the Nation Commentary. When Robertson announced he was supporting Rudy Giuliani, who is for so many of the things that Robertson has spent his life railing against—gay rights and abortion rights to name just two—I decided to go back to my high-level source with the obvious question: Why? There was a long pause.

Finally, my source said “God only knows.”

Really, what are secular people to think? All the years that Christians have said unborn babies were precious, their lives were sacred, marriage between a man and a woman was sacred, marriage vows were sacred and family was sacred….were they just kidding? Because now some of the same Christians are saying “we support for president a man who has demonstrated that none of those are sacred to him.”

Robertson promises Giuliani will lead the way against terrorism. But what would he do that most of the other Republican candidates, and perhaps one or more of the Democrats, wouldn’t do? And why is he unconcerned about the acts of terrorism committed against millions of unborn children across the country and in his own city? Why should we expect God to defend the cause of a nation that kills His children?

Giuliani said in his speech to the Values Voters Summit (I read every word of the transcript this week), “People of good conscience come to different conclusions about whether abortions should be legal in some circumstances.”

Actually, those with a good conscience cannot believe in the evil that it’s okay to cut babies to pieces. They may be sincere, but if they are, then they are deceived. A conscience that is deceived can be earnest, but it cannot be good. Giuliani’s statement is no different than saying “People of good conscience come to different conclusions about whether it should be legal to kill toddlers in some circumstances.”


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