Why We Like Mike!

Here are some comments taken from Mike Huckabee’s blog section called “Why Do You Like Mike”  This blog post has generated over 300 comments by Huckabee supporters, not just ones that say they will vote for him, but ones who have actually contributed to his campaign!

A side note Here, Huckabee is up to 13% in the latest Rasmussen Poll, tied with John McCain and still a point ahead of Romney!

Gardner, Jesse 10/27/2007 11:00 PM

  • I think one of the most important reasons I like Mike is because he is a gifted communicator. I know, that sounds trite; but if you cannot express your ideas clearly, you cannot get people to share your vision. And if you can’t effectively interact with other people, they’ll never respect you. I don’t just want a candidate that believes in conservative principles, I want a candidate whose contagious charisma and impenetrable logic wins hearts and minds over to conservatism. And not only is Huckabee is a gifted speaker, but he’s also been governor with a Democrat majority and still managed to get a lot done.

  • eaton, sherri

  • 10/27/2007 10:57 PM

    I like him because he is a true conservative. He is Pro-life, he is pro-family, he is pro-homeschooling! He supports a constitutional ammendment on marriage. He wants to end our energy and food dependence on other countries and he wants to get it done in 10 years not 30. He believes americans have the right to keep and bear arms!. He believes we should be good stewards of the earth, which is what the bible tells us. he does not believe in evolution, instead he believes God Created the earth! He is for the Fair Tax. He is very Likeable and Funny. He is compassionate. He understands our health crisis in America! He reaches 0ut to independents and he is the best chance for republicans to beat Hillary, even the democrats know that!

  • Petersel, Tina

    10/27/2007 11:20 PM

    like Mike because he is a servant of the people. He does not allow his policies to be influenced by the extremities of party politics.

    If serving the people means being more ‘compassionate’ than the party elites would like, he does it. If preserving our planet for future generations means being perceived as ‘too liberal’ he is prepared to pay the cost.

    Of all the candidates running, Mike is the only one I trust to remember who the real boss is, the PEOPLE, not the party or the lobbyists for special interest groups.

    This is the first time I have ever supported a candidate for president financially, and it has been my honor to do so.

  • Whiteley, Chad

    10/27/2007 11:21 PM

    I lived in Arkansas for three years between 1996 and 1999. I was able to see firsthand how this man of faith was able to interject a Christian worldview into the Arkansas political process, and permanently change the direction of the state with real and meaningful reform. As a current resident of the state California, I believe that I am even more convinced of the need for men of faith like Mike Huckabee to enter political office.

  • Worthington, Eric

    10/27/2007 11:28 PM

    I have been a Fair Tax supporter since before Neil Boortz first mentioned it on his radio show, and when I heard that a Candidate was running with it I got excited, not because I thought this candidate stood a chance of getting elected but because he would bring Fair Tax to the campaign trail and help spread the word. Then I watched as Mike Huckabee did well on the debates so I read his foreign policy speech and his opinion on other issues too and I liked them all but I didn’t start donating to his campaign until the day of the Values Voters speech in Florida. That was the moment I knew that he is more than a disposable vehicle to spread the word about Fair Tax, he is the freight train will be the President and see the Fair Tax pass.

    Governor Hucakabee has shown time and time again that he is able to slay goliaths, both personally and politically. These giants included: coming from a blue collar Arkansas family and attending college and graduate school, deciding to run for state office, fighting a liberal Arkansas legislature, and fighting his own battle with diabetes.

    What we need at the helm of this nation is a man who is not afraid to be on the Lord’s side by sharing His common grace to the free world. There is an unrealized thirst in the Western world for a return to men who stand on real principles, and not simply political whims. For all of these reasons, I can not bear the thought of any of those other guys as president.

    For the good of the country, we need Mike Huckabee!

    GO, MIKE, GO!!!

  • Kohlhoff, David

    10/27/2007 11:36 PM

    I didn’t have a lot to give but I gave what I could because Mike Huckabee represents the best hope for a fresh start and a clean break from the past. Mike’s honesty, commitment and bold ideas convinced me he is uniquely prepared to use the Presidency to serve all Americans.

  • Goss, Carrie

    10/27/2007 11:43 PM

    I just heard about Mike on the Tuesday after the Values Voter Summit, and since that day my life has been filled with optimism! I am actually excited about the upcoming election now! I have never donated to a politician until now. I have spent hours reading about what he has to say and watching his interviews and speaches. He is absolutely the man we need in the White House in 2008! Pray for Mike, and for our country!

  • Gillis, Bethany

    10/27/2007 11:51 PM

    My donation to Mike Huckabee was the first campaign donation that I had ever made. I like Mike not only because of his stand on issues that are dear to me, but also because he is so incredibly genuine. I believe every word that comes out of his mouth, and that is usually hard to say about a politician! I appreciate Mike’s conservatism, consistency, confidence, and just as importantly, his compassion. I believe he is the best man to lead our country at this very crucial time. All of these are reasons why I gave and will continue to do so throughout his journey to Presidency!

  • cavazos, tom

    10/28/2007 02:15 AM

    I support Governor Huckabee because he has the vision and the heart to inspire this nation. Governor Huckabee connects with average Americans in a way that has been lacking in our political leaders for a long time. Mike Huckabee knows what he believes, and believes it with all of his heart. He has a clear vision of optimism that will take this nation forward. Americans today are disheartend. Many have lost faith in our Government and are nervous about what lies ahead for this country. Mike Huckabee is exactly the kind of man we need as president in these trying times. I had been supporting Rudy Giuliani since before he even announced, but over time I began listening to Mike Huckabee. The reason he won my support is simple. He inspired me, and he made me believe again.

  • Phillips, Paul

    10/28/2007 01:15 AM

    I was beginning to feel that I’d have to sit this election out. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Mike Huckabee only last week.

    While others argue about who’s more conservative, Huckabee stands on his record. Let’s vote for someone who’s moral compass is calibrated by the King of Kings.

    I’ll be making my first ever political contribution to the Huckabee campaign by the end of this month. Join me in supporting Mike Huckabee for President of the United States of America!

  • Dregseth, Richard

    10/28/2007 12:41 AM

    Mike Huckabee is the right guy for the right time!

    Polarizing party politics in Washington DC has left a multitude of critical issues facing this country and its people unresolved. People have become apathetic and sour towards their government because they no longer feel it is representing them. Elected officials have become too beholding to the wealth and power within their party and have forgotten who they are supposed to represent.

    Mike Huckabee is a refreshing change from all the politics-as-usual candidates. He is a Republican that Independents and even Democrats can like! His message and vision for this country resonates well, especially with middle class Americans who have been poorly served by their elected officials for the past several years.

    I am looking for a President that is a true leader with a vision for the future and an ability to get results. One that has ethics, integrity, intelligence and the courage to do
    what’s right. I believe that person is Mike Huckabee! I am looking forward to calling him President Huckabee after the 2008 election!

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    One Response

    1. aww… I was hoping to see my comment in there. 😦

      Well, I just gave my first campaign contribution to Mike… he is trying to reach a goal by the end of the month. Copy and paste this link to see his progress:


      As you all probably know, Mike is very frugal with contributions and his a great steward of what God has blessed him with. But as the hack articles are released by desperate opponents who fear him winning, he will need more of our financial backing, please help in anyway you can. No contribution is too small.

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