Huckabee Wins the Hearts of Washington Values Voters

In an article on, Tony Beam discusses that Huckabee was the clear winner of the Washington Breifing Straw Poll in Washington, DC this weekend. Here Is a snippet, you can read the entire article is here.:

“the final straw poll result doesn’t reveal the heart of the people who attended the summit. Among Summit attendees, Huckabee won hands down. The actual margin of victory for Huckabee was five to one or 488 to 99. Both the anticipation of his speech and the response during his speech was off the chart. He received no less than eleven standing ovations with the first one coming at just the mention of his name. He was interrupted by applause over twenty times. The press conference following his speech was packed out with national and local media all who were convinced that based on the response to his speech he would emerge as the Evangelical frontrunner. I was amazed at his candor, his passion, and his command of the issues that face us today. Huckabee has that rare, intangible ability to connect with his audience. I define that ability as the combination of confidence, humility, and charisma. When those three attributes come together they form a person who should be, at least for Evangelicals, a winning candidate.”


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