FRC crowd reaction to Mike Huckabee at The Washington Briefing

By Erick Posted Here

ImageMike Huckabee is coming. The Arkansas folks in the crowd go nuts. They won’t stop cheering.

It’s abundantly apparent from the corridors to the reception he gets when he comes in that Huckabee is among his own, more so than Romney or Fred.

He starts with an Al Gore joke. Then he talks about baby boomers now entering the system and what’s going to happen when the hippies realize they can now get free drugs.

“I come as one not who comes to you, but as one who comes from you. You are my roots,” he says as he sinks in to his speech. He points out that he started out as a Baptist minister. He tells a joke about a lady asking if he was one of those Baptists who was so narrow minded he thought only the Baptists would go to heaven. He says, “Lady, I’m more narrow minded than that. I don’t think even all the Baptists are going to heaven.”

Now he transcends into “non-negotiable values.” Freedom. Family. Faith.

He says we cannot “negotiate, accommodate, or placate Islamic terrorists. We must eliminate.” The crowd likes that. “We cannot have the naive idea that if we leave them alone they will leave us alone. That will get us killed,” he says as the crowd roars.

Then he goes into immigration and the broken border. He says he thanks God that we live in a place where people want to break into than break out of, but how terrible it is that it is more difficult for us to get on an airplane in our hometown than it is for an illegal to get over the border. Biggest Applause of Any Speech Yet That I’ve Seen.

He says he doesn’t blame those who want to come here. He blames the government that has sat around doing nothing for over 20 years. Again, the crowd goes nuts.

He moves to energy and how bad it is that we are so dependent on energy from others. People in the crowd verbally agree with him. Then he bashes China and the crowd goes wild. Romney should be nervous. So should Fred.

“Our freedom is threatened by a tax system that is out of control.” “As we say in the south, not even duct tape and WD-40 can fix it.” He goes into Fair Tax. He points out how it would stop the IRS from muzzling ministers in the pulpits from speaking out. The crowd goes wild again.

He brings up the Law of the Sea Treaty. The people clap. He says any judge that thinks he can legislate from the bench “ought to be impeached.” My ears are ringing the crowd is so loud.

Thompson and Romney should be worried. We have reached the crowd favorite.

Now he goes into marriage. The crowd goes wild and these, by the way, are not his people. His small group is up front, but the rest of the crowd is not his, but they are now.

“Why are we importing so many to do our work? Because we’ve aborted over a million Americans.” He calls it a holocaust. The crowd gets loud, but not as loud as at other points.

“We don’t need to move God to meet the cultural norms. We need to move the cultural norms to meet God.” Massive applause. Standing ovation.

Now he’s moved on to how faith is threatened in this country. He says there was once a time when some things were negotiable, but the sanctity of life and marriage and our freedom was not and never should be negotiable. “Let us never sacrifice our principles for anybody’s politics,” he says. The crowd likes that line.

“You know the prophets of old spoke the truth boldly,” he says. “They spoke the truth to power. All of you in this room have the power to go back to your states and counties and be true to your faith and convictions.”

Now he transitions into sermon. He talks about Jesus (I don’t remember Romney talking about the J man). He talks about believing in a God who could light a fire on wood soaked in water. He talks about Jesus raising Lazarus. “I don’t ever want anyone to let us replace expediency as new values for our long held values.” Someone shouts “Come on Mike!” He crowd starts yelling. They stand. They clap. They cheer. They whistle.

“I do not spell G-O-D, G-O-P. Our party may be important. But our principles are more important.” He says we cannot compromise our core beliefs. He says “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for those of us who call ourselves value voters to pledge our lifes, our fortunes, our sacred honor to that which is right, and true, and eternal.”

And then he’s gone.


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