Vote in the FRC Straw Poll!

The Family Research Council is hosting the Washington Briefing in our nation’s capitol from Friday, October 19th to Sunday, October 21st. Of the many speakers attending the event is Governor Mike Huckabee. The event draws the biggest names from both Republican and conservative circles and since this is primary season, they are hosting a straw poll for members and attendees.To vote online, which everyone can do, you simply have to donate $1. Click here to vote.

if your going to be in the D.C area you could attend in person, that would be great too!

If you want to attend it person, you can sign up here.

$95 – general admission
$50 – students 21 and under

A win at this straw poll would be huge for Gov. Huckabee and would probably be a huge boost in fundraising too! Please go and vote online if you can’t go in person, its only a buck!


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