Why I Like Mike!

Why I Like Mike Huckabee!                                                                           

I like him because he is a true conservative.  He is Pro-life, he is pro-family, he is pro-homeschooling!  He supports a constitutional ammendment on marriage. He wants to end our  energy and food dependence on other countries and   he wants to get it done in 10 years not 30. He believes americans have the right to keep and bear arms!. He believes we should be good stewards of the earth, which is what the bible tells us.   he does not believe in evolution! He is for the Fair Tax.  He is very Likeable and Funny.  I also like his thoughts about health care! He reaches 0ut to independents and  he is the best chance for republicans to beat Hillary! Why On earth is He not considered a TOP TIER Candidate??  I think he is!Here is a video a some of the best clips of Governer Huckabee! 


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